Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters
Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters
Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters
Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters
Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters
Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters
Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters
Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment - Lighters

Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment


0,490 € unidad

€23.52 x Box
Tax excluded

Quantity Precio por caja La unidad sale a
1 €23.52 0,490 €
5 €23.04 0,480 €
10 €22.56 0,470 €
30 €20.64 0,430 €
60 €20.16 0,420 €
120 €19.68 0,410 €
240 €19.20 0,400 €
480 €18.72 0,390 €

Sale of Clipper Lighter News, gas lighter model vario, with iconic shape, 3000 ignitions per refill, refillable with gas and stone, with system to press rolling tobacco, from the Clipper brand, for vending machines.

Box of 48 units.

*Availability of models according to stock, they can be repeated.

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Clipper lighter wholesale

The world's best-selling lighter is the well-known Clipper. This product is the most famous refillable lighter in the world and the top selling product in the vending sector.

The Clipper has not changed its design since its inception, it has had the same design and function since 1971. One of the most important features of this lighter is that it is refillable. 

Mecheros clippers personalizados con tu logo o frase

What really brings an indisputable value to this product, are the thousands of designs it has. Originally, the Clipper lighter only had a few basic colors. But little by little, over the years, this brand was expanded with more eye-catching colors and unique designs. 

The successful Clipper brand has made major brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mercedes or BMW want to put their logos on Clipper lighters. The range of this product becomes almost infinite thanks to the fact that thousands of companies use Clipper lighters as an advertising medium.

At Distribución Mayorista we are Clipper wholesale distributors. If you want to get the best Clipper novelties to install in your vending machine, you are in the right online store. 

We sell Clipper at the best price in the market. We are Clipper lighters wholesalers in Spain, France and Portugal. Our shipments are delivered in 24/48 hours. In Wholesale Distribution we have our own warehouses so we always have stock of Clipper.

If you do not know what products to sell in your vending machine, in Distribución Mayorista we give you a great advice. 

Sell Clipper!

Smoking articles for vending

In our online store, Distribución Mayorista we have the best smoking articles for vending. Get to know all of them by visiting the category on our website.

We are specialists in the wholesale of lighters for vending machines, impulse and tobacconists. We have the best prices on the market in Clipper lighters, you will not find a better supplier of vending products than us.

We have the best catalog of the market, in it you will find the largest variety of vending products, accompanied by our best offers and promotions vending.

If you want to buy lighters and smoking vending products wholesale and at the best price you are in the right online store, we only work with the best brands in the market.

We are wholesale distributors of Clipper

Clipper 48 Mecheros encendedores de colores Pocket : Salud y  cuidado personal

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