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Water of Cuevas 50cl


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Sale of Water de Cuevas 500 ml bottle, an exquisite water with weak mineralization, with low sodium content, with magnesium and calcium, ideal for consumption by the whole family, from the Cuevas brand, for vending and impulse vending machines.

Box of 24 units.

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Cuevas Water 50cl

Agua de Cuevas comes from Puerto de San Isidro, located in the heart of the Cantabrian Mountains and is bottled at an altitude of 800 m, thus preserving all the properties and purity of our water.

It is a fresh water of the highest quality and free of impurities and belongs to the company Hijos de Rivera.

It is suitable for consumption by babies and has the AENOR certification that guarantees excellence in quality in all its processes.

The packaging is 100% recycled from other bottles, as is the protective film, which is 50% recycled.

They are Carbon Neutral, which is one of the most important measures to fight against climate change.

Wholesalers Cuevas Water 50cl

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