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Dipper Fruit 70g Vidal


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Sale of Dipper Fruit 70g Vidal, delicious chewy candies with orange, strawberry, cherry, lemon and pineapple flavour, from the brand Vidal, for vending and impulse vending machines.

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Dipper Fruit 70g Vidal

Vidal is a Spanish candy brand founded more than fifty years ago by a family of confectioners in Molina de Segura. It currently has a distribution network of more than 350,000 points of sale and one of the most extensive and varied product ranges in the world, with more than 2,500 references.

In the early 70's, Vidal was a pioneer in Spain in the industrial manufacture of gummy candies, bubble gum and bubble gum with and without chocolate, and at the same time it revolutionized the market with a gum that for the first time included direct promotions on the wrapper, thus becoming a phenomenon at that time.

In the 90s, several innovative creations emerged that changed the sugar confectionery sector forever, a range of products with multiple varieties in flavors and designs, with an exclusive combination of textures that made this brand become one of the best known worldwide.

Dipper Fruit 70g by Vidal are exquisite soft and chewy candies with fruit juice. They are super appetizing candies because of their fruity flavors which are pineapple, orange, strawberry, lemon and cherry. They are ideal to take anywhere on all kinds of occasions thanks to their pocket-size bags.

If you have a vending or impulse machine, Dipper Fruit is a wonderful option because they are candies that both children and adults like. Visit our online store where you will find them at the best price in the market as well as all the Vidal brand products we work with.

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