Juicy Jay Purple Slim Paper - Flavored Rolling Paper

Juicy Jay Purple Slim Paper


0,410 € unidad

€10.25 x Box
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Sale of Juicy Jay Purple Slim Paper, try the fun wild grape flavored rolling paper, made with pure hemp, tobacco free, from the Juicy Jay brand, for vending and impulse vending machines.

Box of 25 bags of 2 units.

Wholesale distributors of flavored rolling papers.


Juicy Jay Purple Slim Paper

We are wholesale distributors of Juicy Jay Purple Slim Paper. On our website we have all kinds of smoking papers.

At Distribucionmayorista.Online we have a large number of products for smokers. Discover all the products we have from the Juicy Jay brand, we also have the best vending brands such as OCB and Rasta. We only work with the highest quality products, we have the best smoking articles.

Distribución Mayorista Online is a store specializing in wholesale vending products. We have cigarette paper for vending machines, we are specialists in vending products. In our online store you can get the best products for vending. We work with the best vending brands and we have the best prices on vending products.

The paper of the Juicy Jay brand is a smoking paper of the highest quality, it burns little by little in a homogeneous way. If you are looking for a paper to smoke, the Juicy Jay Purple Slim Paper is the best option. In our online store we have Juicy Jay Purple Slim Paper at the best price. We have the best vending offers. If you want to buy Juicy Jay Blue Slim paper at the best price and wholesale, you are on the right page.

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