Eneryeti Feroz 500ml Marked 1,20€ - Energy Drinks

Eneryeti Feroz 500ml Marked 1,20€


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Sale of Eneryeti Feroz 500ml Marked 1,20€, refreshing energy drink, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry flavour, with a high caffeine content, low in calories, from the Eneryeti brand, for vending and impulse vending machines.

Box of 24 units.

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Eneryeti Feroz 500ml Marked 1,20€

Eneryeti Feroz is a mix of raspberry, blackberry and blueberry, discover the wildest flavor of Eneryeti.

Since its inception in 2013, it has not stopped evolving, creating the most amazing flavors in energy drinks on the market. Adapting to the new demands of the market with the creation of zero sugar and zero calorie drinks.

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