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Milka Leo 33,3g


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Sale of Milka Leo 33.3g, try the delicious wafer, with a creamy filling and covered in milk chocolate, your usual Milka chocolate, ideal for vending.

Box of 32 units.

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Milka Leo 33,3g

The brand Milka was born in 1901, its name comes from the combination of "Milch" and "Kakao" in German. At the beginning, the characteristic packaging of Milka was already the well-known lilac color. In the same year, Milka products were launched on the German market.

In 1962, the Milka logo became a registered trademark and two years later, the color lilac became the official color of Milka in order to stand out in the market.

In 1965, it became the market leader for the first time and in 1972, the famous cow became the central figure in Milka's advertising.

In 1974, Milka was launched for the first time on the Spanish market. Even today, it is one of the most famous brands for its taste and quality, both for children and adults.

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