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Oatmeal Drink with Cocoa 230ml


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Sale of Oat Drink with Cocoa 230ml, delicious oat drink with cocoa, pasteurised, suitable for vegans, 100% vegetable product, suitable for vegans, Panach brand, for vending and impulse vending machines.

Box of 10 units.

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Oatmeal Drink with Cocoa 230ml

Since 1971 when the Panach family decided to open the Horchatería Panach, heir to a culture of passion and effort to get the best of the land and serve it with the best flavor.

In 1970 Jose Panach developed the first machine for harvesting tigernuts in the world. In 2003 was born the first bottled horchata for distribution, to bring the traditional of the field to everyone's fridge, which caused a great success in the beverage market.

In 2016 was born the first fresh pasteurized horchata on the market, in glass format. The first to be made and preserved following the traditional recipe of the Valencian horchaterias.

The latest from Panach are its vegetable oat drinks.

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