Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment

0,470 €

Minitube Clipper Lighter

0,585 €

Lighter Clipper CP11 Marijuana Leaf

0,470 €

Clipper Pocket Lighter CP12 Translucent

0,240 €

Clipper Micro CP22 Lighter Assorted Model

0,340 €

Clipper CP11 Translucent Lighter

0,420 €

Lighter Minitube Clipper Assorted Colors

0,585 €

Jet Flame Lighter Marihuana Clipper

0,540 €

Lighter Minitube Marihuana Clipper

0,585 €

We are wholesale distributors of Clipper for vending machines. We distribute to professionals in the vending, tobacco and impulse sector.

Distributor of Clipper, wholesale lighters for vending, tobacconist and impulse

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In Distribución Mayorista Online we are specialists in vending smoking articles, we have the best categories of vending products in our online catalog.

We are wholesale distributors of Clipper, in our wholesale store you can buy Clipper lighters wholesale and at the best price.

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Wholesale Clipper Lighters

The best lighters in the market have always been the Clipper lighters, for their durability and resistance. If you need to buy Clipper lighters wholesale and at the best price in the market, in Distribución Mayorista we have the leading manufacturers in the sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services. 

Clipper is a pioneer brand in the manufacture of lighters and accessories. It was founded in Barcelona in 1959 by the Flamagas S.A. company. 

The cylindrical shape of its models was designed by Enric Sardà in 1970 and has become an icon for millions of smokers around the world.

Clipper is the leading refillable lighter on the market and one of the most widely used smoking articles. Its quality is synonymous with the highest safety and reliability.

When it comes to creativity and design, Clipper takes the best prize, as every year hundreds of different collections are launched all over the world. This is how Clipper mania began years ago, a global phenomenon that has turned our product into a true collector's item.

Year after year, Clipper has witnessed our history and today you can find its lighter models everywhere, even in vending machines.

Clipper lighters at the best price

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