Irish Coffee 1kg Caprimo

6,000 €

Cappuccino Hazelnut 1kg Caprimo

5,910 €

Cappuccino Vanilla 1kg Caprimo

5,910 €

Lemon Tea 1 kg caprimo

3,480 €

Caramel Cream 1 kg Caprimo

5,710 €

Chocolate Red Caprimo 1kg

3,980 €

Caprimo Wild Fruit Tea 1Kg

4,470 €

Cappuccino Caramel 1KG Caprimo

5,750 €

Cocoa Van Houten VH12

4,040 €
Skimmed Granulated Milk Powder 500g Caprimo-Distribución Mayorista
  • -30%

Skimmed Granulated Milk Powder 500g Caprimo

2,560 € 3.650 €

We are wholesale distributors of Caprimo cappuccinos for vending machines. We distribute Caprimo Solubles to vending professionals.

Wholesale distributor of Caprimo Cappuccinos for vending machines.

We always work with product in stock and ready to be shipped.

Wholesale Caprimo

Buy wholesale Caprimo products at the best price in the market, in wholesale distribution we work with leading manufacturers in each sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services. 

Caprimo offers vending coffee products with an excellent quality-price ratio and adapted to the taste of each consumer, with a constant quality and a stable operational functionality for over 30 years.

Caprimo was created in the early nineties of the 20th century, Caprimo is still today a modern trendy brand that offers products to dynamize the offer in vending machines.

From the original three instant cocoa drinks, Caprimo had the expertise to develop one of the first instant blend Cappuccinos in Europe. Caprimo Cappuccino is still the European market's favorite instant cappuccino today.

Over the last 5 years, Caprimo has developed into a major brand for vending machine operators offering a complete range of quality products with excellent in-machine functionality.

To keep ahead of consumer trends, the original Cappuccino has been joined by a selection of trendy flavored cappuccinos, such as Caprimo Cappuccino Vanille, Caprimo Cappuccino Noisette, Caprimo Cappuccino Caramel and Caprimo Speculoos.

From its first five Italian-style cappuccinos to the present day, with over 30 years of experience, Caprimo has undoubtedly revolutionized the vending machine market with its delicious ready-made instant beverages. Its success would lead to many unexplored flavor innovations. Even today, Caprimo continues to launch new original products. 

Wholesale Caprimo Products

  • Caprimo Irish Coffee Cappuccino wholesale offer
  • Caprimo Vanilla Cappuccino Coffee for sale for vending
  • Caprimo chocolates at the best price
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