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We are wholesale distributors of Rois, snacks for vending machines. We distribute to professionals of the vending sector, tobacconists and impulse.

Rois wholesale distributor for vending and impulse

We always work with product in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24 hours.

Rois snacks for sale at the best price

In Distribución Mayorista Online we are distributors of the snacks brand Rois in Spain, France and Portugal. If you want to buy Rois wholesale, you have come to the right place.

In our wholesale vending products website you can find the best prices in the market, we have volume discounts!

Rois products succeed wherever they go, and this brand of nuts and dried fruits works with quality raw materials and the most advanced production technologies on the market. The Rois brand was born in 1990 and already has more than 190 products in its portfolio.

ROIS is among the most popular brands packaged nuts in Bulgaria and already becomes popular as a chain of bakeries. The brand is the largest producer of coated nuts developed the category “beer nuts”, provoking the market with tastes, mixes technology of preparation, advanced packaging and quality merchandising. The High-Tech manufacturing original recipes for flavouring and dragee making of nuts and dried fruits and the commercial policy are giving first priority of ROIS over competitors.

Buy Rois nuts and dried fruits wholesale

We are specialists in nuts and dried fruits, in our online store of vending products we have the best prices in nuts and dried fruits for vending machines and impulse.

We have the best catalog of vending products on the market, in it you will find the best categories of vending products, accompanied by our offers and promotions vending.

We are at the top of vending companies in Spain, we are the best store specializing in wholesale vending products.

Rois nuts are the kings of vending machines in our country. If you buy Rois snacks wholesale you will be 100% right, as more and more people are consuming this brand of nuts and dried fruits.

On our website you can find different Rois products such as roasted peanuts, roasted hazelnuts, chocolate-covered cranberries, crunchy cereal...

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