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We are wholesale distributors of Union Mels, chocolates and cookies for vending machines. We distribute to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

Wholesale distributor of Union Mells wholesale, for vending and impulse

We always work with product in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24 hours.

We are wholesale distributors of Mels, we specialize in vending pastries wholesale and at the best price, for vending machines and impulse.

In Distribución Mayorista Online you will find the best vending products in our catalog, in it we have the largest variety of categories of vending products, accompanied by the best prices on the market thanks to our offers and promotions vending.

Wholesale Mels

If you want to buy Mels products wholesale, in wholesale distribution we work with the leading manufacturers in each sector to always offer the best quality and the best price in all our products and services. 

Mels is part of a conglomerate of brands called Union Mels, this distribution company was founded in Antequera in 1948, thanks to the effort and perseverance of the founding couple Mr. Diego Sancho Melero, Mrs. Rosario Ruiz Paradas and their children.

Their key, the perseverance and dedication that has been passed from generation to generation, until today. Currently it is the third generation that runs the company, focused on the production of chocolates and cookies of the highest quality.

This new generation has proposed that the world knows its handmade products, products that have not changed their essence and flavor since the company was founded and that is why our products are well known throughout Spain and its brands are emblematic and a sign of distinction in our market.

Mels candies wholesale

In addition, Mels has a department of R+D+I, which places it in the line of attack of the national companies of export and import so much of other people's products as own.

Some of the best Mels products for vending machines are:

  • Mels cocoa-filled tubes 160g
  • Cocoa cake 200g
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