Freeze-Dried Decaffeinated Saimaza Coffee 250g

4,610 €

Saimaza Freeze-Dried Soluble Coffee 500g x/Uni

9,080 €

Saimaza Special Selection 100% 1kg Arabica

7,700 €

Saimaza Naturally Roasted 1kg

8,000 €

Cocoa Fantasy Milk Instant 1kg

4,270 €

Skimmed Milk Powder Ecrémé 500g

3,700 €

Soluble Semi-skimmed Milk 500gr Prolait

3,230 €

We are distributors of Saimaza Coffee for vending machines. We distribute vending coffees for professionals in the vending sector.

Distributor of Saimaza coffees wholesale for vending

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Saimaza Coffee Wholesaler

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The coffee company was born in Seville in the early twentieth century created by its founder Joaquín Sainz de la Maza. In 1982 the coffee factory, one of the most modern and advanced in Europe, was inaugurated in the Sevillian town of Dos Hermanas. Later, after more than a century of history, in 2015, Saimaza adapted to new forms of consumption and launched its range of capsules.

The Andalusian company is a national benchmark thanks to its range of decaffeinated, natural and blended coffees, and today they are among one of the strongest companies in the sector in terms of coffee drinks.

Saimaza coffees wholesale

In Distribución Mayorista we commercialize Saimaza products at the best price. Whether you choose decaffeinated coffee, freeze-dried decaffeinated coffee, freeze-dried soluble coffee, Arabica selection or its natural roast coffee, you will always find the best offers on our website.

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  • Decaffeinated coffee
  • Freeze-dried decaffeinated coffee
  • Freeze-dried soluble coffee
  • Arabica selection coffee
  • Natural roast coffee
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