We are wholesale distributors of Patatas Vidal, potato chips for vending machines. We distribute to professionals of the vending sector, tobacconists and impulse.

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Wholesaler Vicente Vidal

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Papas Vidal, currently called Vicente Vidal since 1990, is a company specialized in the production of potato chips and at national level is one of the largest known producers. Founded in 1931 under its home in the Valencian town of Benifayó, where they began as producers of churros and later moved into the potato chip sector.

1978 was a key year for the company. Their progress in the sector after gaining popularity in the best cafeterias, reaching the capital, allows them to found their first factory in their home town and also establish their own potato plantations that would not stop growing and growing and would be updated in 2001.

In 2011 Vicente Vidal is annexed to the group Aperitivos y Extrusiones SA, which makes them currently have one of the most modern facilities for the production of potato chips and snacks with 18000 m2 and a processing level of 32 million kilos of potatoes per year.

Vicente Vidal Potatoes wholesale

Among the variety of products that you can find in Vicente Vidal, in Distribución Mayorista we offer to our vending customers some of the most popular flavors in the market:

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