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Haribo Bears

Buy Haribo bears online wholesale. We are your favourite distributor of vending products and Haribo bears.

Buy Haribo bears wholesale

Highlights of the Haribo bears

The golden bears Haribo, are jelly sweets shaped like colorful bears and full of flavor and sweetness in addition to carrying impregnated in every bite its fruit concentrate. These gominola bears of various fruity flavors are perfect for lovers of sweets, as they cheer up the lives of both the big and the little ones of the house. 

In Wholesale Distribution we have a variety of options of Haribo brand treats, among which are our famous jelly bears. We offer a unique and personalized shopping experience for all of you. 

Benefits of Buying Haribo Bears Wholesale

In Wholesale Distribution we are wholesalers and distributors of Haribo bears wholesale. On our website you can take advantage of our competitive prices and special prices for wholesalers, as well as our wide selection of products for your vending machine.

We have a variety of candy and gominola options, as well as offering personalized advice and the guarantee that all our orders are delivered on time and deliver with efficient logistics, thus achieving large profit margins. 

Why choose us as your Haribo Bear supplier

Wholesale Distribution, a store specializing in wholesale Haribo bears, with an outstanding experience with more than 10 years of experience in vending. By choosing us, you can take advantage of our different formats, presentations and sizes of all our products. We have been a distributor of Haribo for a long time and we never get tired of recommending that you choose Haribo Bears for vending machines for their quality and customer satisfaction that will delight all fans of trinkets. 

In addition, in Wholesale Distribution we facilitate the purchase process and make shipments and distribute throughout Spain. 

Advantages of selling Haribo Bears in your product selection

If you have a vending machine, the Haribo Bears are indispensable in your catalog as they are the star product of a lot of consumers of all ages for their freshness and product quality. Haribo cutlery come in bag and individual packaging ideal for any location. Put a vending of Haribo bears, will be the right decision, as they work in crowded places such as libraries, offices...

Frequently Asked Questions about Haribo Bears

What is the unit price of Haribo Bears wholesale?

The price per unit when buying Haribo Bears wholesale depends on several factors, such as the cost of raw material, the cost of water... and how the market is at that time. In Online Wholesale Distribution we will always offer the best prices on the market. 

What are the packaging options available for Haribo Bears?

When buying Haribo Bears products for wholesale vending machines you will find 18 individual bags in each box, ready to take them anywhere and on any occasion.

Can I combine Haribo Bears with other products from your catalogue in the same wholesale order?

In Wholesale Distribution we will be happy to understand all the needs of our customers, so when you place an order, you can add to the basket all the products that are needed in the same order.  

What payment options are available when buying Haribo Bears in bulk?

From Wholesale Distribution we provide both bank transfer and card payments as payment methods for wholesale. 

How is the logistics and delivery of Haribo Strawberries managed through Wholesale Distribution?

The logistics and delivery of Ositos Haribo through Wholesale Distribution is carried out through the various transport agencies with which we work. Estimated delivery times are 24 and 96 hours once it leaves our warehouse, depending on the product and the agency chosen.

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